I read In the middle of a pandemic, renewables are taking over the grid https://ift.tt/2zYdic7 The reduction in driving, flying, and industrial activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic has cleared the air in typically smog-choked cities all over the world, inspiring awe in residents who are seeing more blue skies and starry nights than ever […]

I read Pandemic proves it’s time for basic income for all, economists say https://ift.tt/35qF1xy This is the third instalment in a series looking at the world we’ll live in post-pandemic — and what the health emergency has revealed about our economy and our social safety net. via IFTTT

I read The Rise of the Valkyries https://ift.tt/3f1bUFH The Battle of Fitjar, fought in southern Norway in 961, was a struggle between King Hákon ‘the Good’, once the foster-son of King Æthelstan of England, and his nephews, the sons of Erik ‘Bloodaxe’. via IFTTT

I read N.B. reports no remaining active cases of COVID-19 https://ift.tt/2KUaFuc New Brunswick is COVID-19 free according to the latest numbers from the province. Saturday marked the 14th straight day of no new cases in the province. via IFTTT

I read Why the Simple Life Is Not Just Beautiful, It’s Necessary https://ift.tt/2FyfiXU The good life is the simple life. Among philosophical ideas about how we should live, this one is a hardy perennial; from Socrates to Thoreau, from the Buddha to Wendell Berry, thinkers have been peddling it for more than two millennia. And […]

I read Does God Exist? and The Crowning Achievement of Druidry https://ift.tt/3d1tjvY A guest post by Penny Billington, author of The Path of Druidry ‘Does God exist?’ 100 Druids would doubtless give 100 answers, so it is helpful to start by addressing two questions. Firstly,  ‘What sort of people become Druids?’ As our earliest bards […]

I read Bail Out the Planet https://ift.tt/2Ytycdr We have the opportunity to reshape our economies to support life on Earth. Governments should take it. Do Not Resuscitate. This tag should be attached to the oil, airline and car companies. via IFTTT

I read Happy Spring Equitherm! https://ift.tt/2YqTfNK Life!  We celebrate life today, especially life’s growth and evolutionary diversification.  We see the resurgence of life around us, and for me, this reminds me of the surge of life over the all of Earth’s history. via IFTTT

I read Gandalf Was Only a Fifth-Level Magic-User https://ift.tt/1lHrtFH This is a well-known article from 1977, back during First Edition D&D. But I thought that since so many of you know Lord of the Rings you might find it fun to read. What?? I hear you scream. via IFTTT

I read What it’s like to sell a house during a pandemic https://ift.tt/2yWmq07 Andrew Ryan and Meaghan Granville had been casually looking for a forever home for a couple of years. They wanted more space for their three children, aged 2, 4 and 6. They found the house of their dreams in February. via IFTTT