I read Hamilton release to be released a year early on Disney+ https://ift.tt/3dCYpuc Hip-hop musical Hamilton is to be released a year earlier than expected, and on Disney+ rather than cinemas. But Hamilton’s star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted: “It’s only a matter of time… Our Hamilton film. THIS July 3rd. On Disney+.” via IFTTT

I read Of Digital Streams, Campfires and Gardens https://ift.tt/2ONRTbb First – a thread from Venkatesh on information consumption, with lovely insights about how retreating from technology is not the answer. And of course living entirely in the stream also doesn’t work for us. via IFTTT

I read 🌱 My blog is a digital garden, not a blog https://ift.tt/34K2bhc Organizing information is hard. I’m not a taxonomist. I don’t have an information design background. For the most part I just wing it ad hoc and hope for the best. via IFTTT

I read New course explores nuances of Acadian language, culture https://ift.tt/2YYDUEo A new course at the University of New Brunswick aims to help students navigate the sometimes confusing waters of Acadian French dialects. via IFTTT

I read 🖋 Stop Giving af and Start Writing More https://ift.tt/2YiLE3N In 2019 I wrote more than the previous 5 years combined, at least publically. There’s several places that I write that aren’t as obvious. I spend quite a lot of time writing and curating howtoegghead.com. I also write a lot of emails that go […]

I read Rebirth of Creativity: Gutenberg and the Future of WordPress Themes https://ift.tt/2nPUtl7 I began using WordPress in 2005. I’d already been learning HTML and CSS for a couple of years. I even had a home-brewed blog that pulled posts from plain text files at one point. via IFTTT

I read On Digital Gardens, Blogs, Personal Spaces, and the Future https://ift.tt/3eyywge The concept of digital gardens is not new. It predates the modern blog, but there may be a resurgence, albeit small, of the sort of curated content that grows within a digital garden. The term “digital garden” is not well-defined. via IFTTT

I read Pompeii Ruins Show That the Romans Invented Recycling https://ift.tt/2WGDY8S They were expert engineers, way ahead of the curve on underfloor heating, aqueducts and the use of concrete as a building material. Now it turns out that the Romans were also masters at recycling their rubbish. via IFTTT

I read Justin Trudeau doesn’t need a majority government right now. Neither does Canada https://ift.tt/35LHxPp It is not necessary to subscribe to the horse-before-the-cart speculation about a snap federal election this fall to know that once Canada really is in post-pandemic territory, pressure will be on Justin Trudeau to cash in his electoral chips and […]

I read Le Nouveau-Brunswick passe à la 2e phase de déconfinement https://ift.tt/2zmCloZ Le Nouveau-Brunswick passe immédiatement à la deuxième phase du déconfinement et annonce la reprise de plusieurs secteurs d’activités sous certaines conditions. via IFTTT