I read Being out on the land for Indigenous communities is being home https://ift.tt/2z563Pj Chehala Leonard Special to APTN News On a Saturday morning, Ryan Oliverius packs up his camera gear and prepares to head out with his mother Susan to pick sp̓iƛ̓m (pronounced speetlum), also known as bitterroot. via IFTTT

I read Exploring the World post-COVID: A Digital Agricultural Renaissance? https://ift.tt/2WuYPM8 Over the last two months, our food system has faced unprecedented challenges. Almost overnight, the food service industry, which usually consumes one third of produced, shuttered. via IFTTT

I read Unix and Adversarial Interoperability: The ‘One Weird Antitrust Trick’ That Defined Computing https://ift.tt/2WwepaB The Unix operating system was created at Bell Labs in 1969. Today, it rules the world. Both Android and iOS are flavors of Unix. So is MacOS. So is GNU/Linux in all its flavors, like Ubuntu and Debian. So is […]

I read Stock and flow https://ift.tt/qY99PM I was an economics major in college, and I’ve been grateful ever since for a few key concepts those courses drilled into me: things like opportunity cost, sunk cost, and marginal cost. I think about this stuff all the time in my everyday life. via IFTTT

I read TiddlyBlink on Glitch https://ift.tt/2WQOjz6 I love how thoroughly the post walks you through the basic mental model and then lays out some great user-friendly approaches to setting up TiddlyWiki. In particular – Anne-Laure shows how TiddlyBlink recreates the bi-directional linking power of Roam right inside TiddlyWiki. via IFTTT

I read Planting new varietals in my digital garden https://ift.tt/2LrHX3T Back in February of this year I realized that this blog could be more than a blog – that by virtue of being a static site I can maintain a local files+folders structure and use that to publish my own personal wiki to the web. […]

I read Building a digital garden https://ift.tt/2TdpIVm This post is slightly long and slightly technical. The TL;DR is that I built a personal wiki out of files and folders and a few templates in Jekyll hosted on Github Pages. If you want to head straight to the wiki head here: tomcritchlow. via IFTTT

I read Physical Land Healing: How do I know what to do? March 29, 2020 https://ift.tt/3bvXGcO Some years ago, I remember one influential druid speaking at a major event and saying, “The best thing you can do in nature is pick up the garbage and get out.” From a certain standpoint, this perspective makes a […]

I read How the Blog Broke the Web https://ift.tt/2sulzQg I first got online in 1993, back when the Web had a capital letter — three, in fact — and long before irony stretched its legs and unbuttoned its flannel shirt. Back when you could really say you were surfing the net. via IFTTT