I read Book Review: ‘Attack Surface’ by Cory Doctorow https://ift.tt/3it0nRu Attack Surface by Cory Doctorow, published by Macmillan, is probably the most frightening book you’ll read this year. No, Doctorow hasn’t switched to writing horror novels, he’s just postulating a future that’s already here. A world where your every movement and action can be traced. […]

I read Language, Culture, Celts https://ift.tt/3sHxeqn Let me start by saying that this is a speculative blog post. I’m a dabbler, not a historian and I am not qualified to hold much of an opinion on this subject! So, I’m just sharing some things that occurred to me, that might, or might not be meaningful. […]

I read Are we there yet? Neoliberal education and New Brunswick’s “Green Paper” https://ift.tt/3qCXeRQ In 1994, Maude Barlow wrote that public education had become the “scapegoat” for all types of societal ills, including an unskilled workforce, a failing economy, and the reason for Canada falling behind in international competition, and cited that “Educators are being […]

I read When 10X translates into -10X: debunking the myth of the 10X technical coder/writer https://ift.tt/2NasGsi A recent episode of Command Line Heroes explores the negatives of toxic 10X coders. I think a change in mindset to acknowledge how each of us climbed to our levels can help avoid some of the toxicity inherent in […]

I read The Atlantic bubble was not only a good idea, but a blueprint for dramatic change https://ift.tt/3nNAVap This column is an opinion by Edward Riche, a St. John’s novelist, playwright and commentator. For more information about CBC’s Opinion section, please see the FAQ. The comparative success of Atlantic Canada in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic […]

I read SKIP n’est pas le diable https://ift.tt/39KEc5x Un restaurant montréalais lance un recours collectif contre les entreprises de livraison pour les commissions prétendument exorbitantes et abusives facturées pendant la pandémie. via IFTTT

I read Everything (almost) you wanted to know about New Brunswick urban centre population growth in 2020 https://ift.tt/3stPFyC The new population estimates are out for large and small urban centres (CMAs and CAs).  I have already seen articles and posts from city managers, etc. talking about how well their population growth did during the pandemic.  […]

I read The Trial of the Chicago 7: What Happened to Abbie Hoffman and Co. Next? https://ift.tt/3iY2hs4 As Eddie Redmayne defiantly reads the names of fallen American servicemen into the court record over harrumphing calls for “order!” the camera pulls back and the music swells. via IFTTT