I read William Shirley, l’homme qui tire les ficelles du Grand Dérangement https://ift.tt/2Kp9dmk Quand on pense aux grands acteurs de la Déportation, les noms de Lawrence, Monckton, Winslow ou Morris viennent à l’esprit. L’un des protagonistes passe souvent sous le radar: William Shirley. via IFTTT

I read 52 Years Later, IBM Apologizes for Firing Transgender Woman https://ift.tt/2V1qJ2l Lynn Conway was one of the company’s most promising young computer engineers but after confiding to supervisors that she was transgender, they fired her. In August 1968, Lynn Conway, a promising computer engineer at IBM in Sunnyvale, Calif. via IFTTT

I read Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta reaches $91M settlement with Canada over land https://ift.tt/392MxCN Nearly 80 years after lands belonging to the Enoch Cree Nation in Alberta were “illegally” leased by the Canadian military, a settlement has been reached. During the Second World War, the federal government took two sections making up 485 hectares […]

I read City issues warning letter to Toronto carpenter building shelters for unhoused people https://ift.tt/2Kw9EeM The City of Toronto has sent a warning letter to a Toronto carpenter who is building tiny mobile shelters for unhoused people ahead of winter and it says it could take legal action if the structures remain on city property. via IFTTT

I read 160 :: As Much As Possible https://ift.tt/335Wiwa Thanks again to all the new supporters that have signed up in the last week! Upgrades for hosting of both 301 and this site are in progress . I’m only one more subscriber away from covering a Descript licence. Which will speed up/improve my audio workflow […]

I read Roderick Mackenzie: le raid envers les réfugiés acadiens en 1761 https://ift.tt/2J1gecC En 1761, le commandant du fort Cumberland (ancien Fort Beauséjour), Roderick MacKenzie, a parcouru la côte nord de ce qui est maintenant le Nouveau-Brunswick, afin de capturer le plus d’Acadiens possible. via IFTTT

I read Druidry and Despair https://ift.tt/2IWrkPR One of the things I really appreciate about Druidry is there’s nothing inherent in it that will kick me when I’m down. There’s no ‘like attracts like’ philosophy. There’s no sense that suffering and difficulty are a result of bad karma, past life activities or lack of spiritual effort. […]

I read 158 :: Heavy Weather https://ift.tt/35Tq7Sg I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the blog and my work this week. I have already covered web & podcast hosting fees for the next year in less than 7 days. I am currently looking at upgrade pathways for both. Watch […]

I read The Yippie Show https://ift.tt/3kTx0Yj “Viewing the trial as a theatrical experience, I had great respect for the judge. He was witty, filled with his own sense of drama, and committed to his role with a furious passion….The part did not call for a Solomon because the law stank. via IFTTT