I read How ‘Relationship Anarchy’ Can Help You Deepen Your Friendships https://ift.tt/3jV6FbH We unpack the term “relationship anarchy” and explore how you might apply these philosophical principles to your friendships. via IFTTT

I read Canada Defines Love—Exclusively https://ift.tt/2KrsG5Q Early this month, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced that unmarried romantic partners of Canadians would be allowed to cross the border and, after quarantining, finally see their loved ones. For many, this is desperately welcome news. via IFTTT

I read The Rise of the 3-Parent Family https://ift.tt/3cpIU9M The typical path to parenthood didn’t work for David Jay, a founder of the asexual movement. So he designed his own household—and is trying to show others what is possible. Updated at 12:40 p.m. ET on September 24, 2020 via IFTTT

I read I’m BFFs With My Metamour: My Husband Has a Girlfriend, and Now We’re Friends https://ift.tt/3kNY4Zp My husband has a girlfriend…and I love her. That’s right: the love of my life is dating another woman, and she’s awesome. The topic of my metamour—that’s my partner’s partner, in polyamorous terms—is controversial. It doesn’t matter that […]

I read How Polyamory Helped Me Survive Widowhood https://ift.tt/3pPiYKZ My husband and I had an open relationship. When he died unexpectedly, my support system included several partners who had been part of our lives for years. Victor* and I were making out on my couch when he pulled away and asked, “Should we talk about […]

I read Sex and relationship therapist knows from experience, open relationships can be pathway to happiness https://ift.tt/3gY3tug Before she literally wrote a book on open relationships, Winnipeg sex and relationship therapist Susan Wenzel was in a monogamous marriage with her husband Denys. That is, until, he came to her wanting to discuss opening their marriage. […]

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I read Here’s How Being Polyamorous Prepared Me For Parenting https://ift.tt/2E8ZgGp “I’ve had lots of different kinds of relationships with lots of different people and all of those experiences taught me how to be the best mom I can be. via IFTTT

I read Un autre peuple qui a façonné l’histoire de la Péninsule acadienne: les Jersiais https://ift.tt/2KzLtw3 Alors que les Acadiens et Acadiennes de tous les horizons ont célébré leur fête nationale ce week-end, une nouvelle exposition au Musée acadien de Caraquet met en lumière un autre peuple qui a grandement façonné l’histoire de la Péninsule […]