I’m playing with ifttt today. It’s set to post my Instagram photos here now. I may set up other things to auto post here, especially if I can figure out something to post my pocket archived articles here in a daily digest.

This is a helluva time to have allergies. Can’t tell if this sore throat is from those, or if it’s the ducking plague. No other covid symptoms, so I’m just going to avoid human contact extra hard and keep an eye on myself. First sign of a second symptom I’ll get myself tested.

I’m not about to start identifying as a wizard, despite the URL. But I’ve been reading about secular/naturalistic/non-theistic forms of paganism or witchcraft, and I intend to develop some practices along those lines.

There’s a few things that I’m drawn to here. I don’t believe in deities, magic, souls, etc, but I do see benefits in being more in tune with nature, paying closer attention to the seasons, and just spending more time outdoors. I expect there are psychological benefits to the ritual and routine, a lot of opportunity to use these practices for introspection, and reminders for myself to live my values.

A lot of my thoughts are still vague here. I’ve read a few articles, and I’m starting a couple of books and listening to podcasts, etc. I need to start making notes, deciding what sort of practices I want to develop, and start developing them.

Some friends are in town, and we got together at their Airbnb for a bit tonight. There was a record player in the living room there with a great 70s space aesthetic, but terrible controls. We listened to Crosby, Stills & Nash and The Beatles before giving up on it.

Posting without a title just to see what that looks like.

I’ve been quiet around here. I’m working on a page that will give you a random season and episode number of the Simpsons that you can go watch. Nothing flashy, but my wife and a friend of ours are really keen on having it available.

Two weeks later

Well, I didn’t expect I would update often, and so far that’s holding true. I probably need to put the WP app on my phone if I want to encourage myself to post quick updates every now and then.

I’m on vacation this week, and I’m searching for little projects that can fill my downtime. I have downtime because I have an enormous dog, Gryff, that scares my nephew, and I will end up staying inside with Gryff while everyone else is in the backyard playing. It’s too warm to walk Gryff comfortably for a lot of the day (for him – I don’t like the heat, but won’t avoid it if I want out), so here we are, me on the couch with my laptop, him on the floor trying to stay cool.

Some of my projects are dull (like entering birthdays into my calendar since I no longer have FB to remind me of them) so I’m only picking at them here and there. Others require sources of information that I don’t have with me (like making an AD&D character creation guide – my books are at home). But I’ve got some programming stuff I want to pick at (like a little budget reminder tool that I’m going to whip up in python), and some stuff to set up on this server (tiny tiny rss and nextcloud) to keep me busy.

I noticed that I can check out library books on my ereader now, so doing a bit of that too. I checked out “Next Year For Sure” last night and finished it this morning. I’m looking for what to borrow next, although I’ve also got a copy of Dune here that I’ve borrowed from a friend.

I wrote a poem last night, the first I’ve written independent of a weekly assignment from that same friend that loaned me Dune. I auctioned off a poem a week for our work’s annual charity auction, and he won. That’s been a lot of fun, and I’ll offer it again next year.