I read No COVID-19 bailouts for firms that use tax havens, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says https://ift.tt/2KHul4n Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government will not allow companies that use offshore tax havens to receive COVID-19 bailout funds. via IFTTT

I read The Pandemic Gives us Online Rituals for Beltane https://ift.tt/3cTZm0X Have you been attending gatherings by zoom meetings or other remote software?  I have.  I’ve visited more various Pagan, UU, Atheist and other events in the past few weeks than in many months before that. via IFTTT

I read Halt destruction of nature or suffer even worse pandemics, say world’s top scientists https://ift.tt/3bCifFn The coronavirus pandemic is likely to be followed by even more deadly and destructive disease outbreaks unless their root cause – the rampant destruction of the natural world – is rapidly halted, the world’s leading biodiversity experts have warned. […]

I read Emergency Student Benefit gets a failing grade – just make the CERB universal https://ift.tt/2VSag05 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new benefit plan Wednesday for students who face summer job precarity given the COVID-19 pandemic. While the gesture is appreciated, this benefit is simply not good enough. via IFTTT

I read Permanent Lockdown https://ift.tt/3eLCSRx We have been shut out of most of the UK’s open land for centuries. It’s time this changed. In the name of freedom, we have been exposed, to a greater extent than any other European nation, to a deadly pandemic. via IFTTT