I read How homeowners can save energy, money from the feds’ climate plan https://ift.tt/3uioUOq In hopes of getting the country to meet its 2030 emissions reduction targets under the Paris Agreement, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other ministers announced a climate plan on Dec. 11 that includes an investment of $2.6 billion over seven years […]

I read Humans Used to Be Good for the Planet, And We Can Be Again https://ift.tt/3goaRTa As we grapple with climate change, an extinction crisis, and the legacy of extractive land use, many now assume that humans and the Earth are an inherently bad mix. But this wasn’t always the case, according to new research.  […]

I read “No-Mow May” campaign catches on in Greater Moncton area https://ift.tt/3ubb93X The city of Dieppe is hoping to induce some “dandelion madness” for the month of May. Residents are being asked not to mow their lawns, or to at least leave a portion unmowed. via IFTTT

I read Langues officielles: vers un Nouveau-Brunswick moins bilingue? https://ift.tt/3taNxvb La seule province bilingue du Canada pourrait-elle devenir «moins bilingue»? C’est ce que craignent certains militants en raison de l’attitude du gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick face à la révision de la Loi sur les langues officielles de la province, prévue pour 2021. via IFTTT

I read Neill family passes 160 year old farm to new owners https://ift.tt/32Ykpww (Fredericton) For more than 160 years, the Neill family farm has stood on the hill as an emblem of strength and community on the Northside of Fredericton. via IFTTT

I read Eating guide suggests ways New Brunswickers can reduce carbon footprint through food https://ift.tt/3tQnevd A group working to strengthen food security wants to help New Brunswickers reduce the impact their eating choices have on the environment. via IFTTT

I read Knowing Who to Stand Up For: Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault and the Regulation of Free Speech https://ift.tt/2QBbYo0 The Liberal government’s stunning, dangerous, and inexcusable decision to rescind legislative safeguards for user generated content in Bill C-10 has rightly sparked media attention, political opposition, and anger from Canadians. via IFTTT

I read The Collapse of Our Civilization: John-Michael Greer and Pablo Servigne https://ift.tt/3dWHTYQ When I scheduled an interview with John-Michael Greer (JMG), I wanted to hear him talk about the collapse of our civilization. via IFTTT

I read Dishing the dirt on the elusive Stonehammer Geopark https://ift.tt/3xuC9gI New Brunswick’s Stonehammer UNESCO Global Geopark contains many wonders. From footprints of the first animals to walk the planet, to billion-year-old fossils, to the birthplace of the Atlantic Ocean and the collision point of Africa and South America, it’s all part of the park. via […]