I read What if we re-thought the Police? https://ift.tt/3bnISzL In the UK and America alike, we’re seeing a lot of reasons to re-think policing. What could we do that would change how policing works? The big one for me is to re-prioritise around crime. via IFTTT

I read Why a zero-waste lifestyle is possible, even on a budget https://ift.tt/3fbZY4S An article published in the National Observer on April 5, entitled “Cutting back on waste is possible — if you can afford it,” states that reducing waste is a privilege. I disagree. There is a lot that can be done without sacrifice. […]

I read Gaelic immersion coming to Cape Breton community later this year https://ift.tt/3od0nIs MABOU — Nova Scotia’s latest entry in immersion education will take place here with about eight primary-age children learning the Gaelic language and culture in a private school setting in the fall. via IFTTT

I read I Am Guilty of Violating the Espionage Act https://ift.tt/3p8csOf The Justice Department is setting a dangerous precedent that threatens reporters — and the truth. Ms. Poitras is a filmmaker and journalist who has reported extensively on national security issues. via IFTTT

I read Build Socialism Through the Post Office https://ift.tt/3y4TFZs We not only need to defend USPS from privatization — we need to deepen its role in our economy. Here’s something that should come as no surprise — 88 percent of Americans hold a favorable opinion of the United States Postal Service (USPS). via IFTTT

I read Under the spreading walnut tree https://ift.tt/3tDwTV1 Two years ago, I was hoping I could retire. It wasn’t a realistic hope, and I knew it: my writing and teaching is the only income source my family has, so unless some anonymous donor had looked kindly on me, I was going to have to keep […]

I read Ex-Witches and the New Satanic Panic https://ift.tt/3ffwTFu I would like your take on the new Satanic Panic. [Name redacted] is a person claiming that he was a practicing witch for 16 years and was saved by Jesus and does YouTube videos. Doreen Virtue is a vocal former New Ager who now is fear […]

I read Learning Curve https://ift.tt/33zJJca I’m just working now on a new video. Actually, I’m redoing an old video, on hedgewitchcraft and hedge riding. My previous video was shot using an old camera, and the voice editing and mixing was very, very basic. via IFTTT

I read New Moon, New Me! https://ift.tt/3eG0ngV I have just finished my initiation into the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA), and I am now officially a Candidate! I am so excited to start along my learning path and in due time earn the title of Ollave Adept. Thus begins my work. via IFTTT

I read Hippies? Traitors? Vietnam War resisters who came north to Canada met plenty of resistance of their own https://ift.tt/3ds50KF In this section of “The Devil’s Trick: How Canada Fought the Vietnam War,” historian John Boyko looks at how American war resisters were treated when they came to Canada. via IFTTT