I read St. Mary’s First Nation introducing new late night security measures https://ift.tt/2PZYemI St. Mary’s First Nation is introducing new security measures that will prevent non-members of the Indigenous community, located on Fredericton’s north side, from going into the reserve at night time. via IFTTT

I read Cory Doctorow: Neofeudalism and the Digital Manor https://ift.tt/3pNxMsv As I write this in mid-November 2020, there’s quite a stir over the new version of Apple’s Mac OS, the operating system that runs on its laptops. via IFTTT

I read B.C. judge says polyamorous dad not breaking COVID orders with new partner and her husband https://ift.tt/35gb5FM A British Columbia judge says a polyamorous father is not breaching the province’s COVID-19 health orders by sharing his Squamish apartment with a new partner who is also living with her husband in Vancouver. In a decision […]

I read How homeowners can save energy, money from the feds’ climate plan https://ift.tt/3uioUOq In hopes of getting the country to meet its 2030 emissions reduction targets under the Paris Agreement, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other ministers announced a climate plan on Dec. 11 that includes an investment of $2.6 billion over seven years […]

I read Humans Used to Be Good for the Planet, And We Can Be Again https://ift.tt/3goaRTa As we grapple with climate change, an extinction crisis, and the legacy of extractive land use, many now assume that humans and the Earth are an inherently bad mix. But this wasn’t always the case, according to new research.  […]

I read “No-Mow May” campaign catches on in Greater Moncton area https://ift.tt/3ubb93X The city of Dieppe is hoping to induce some “dandelion madness” for the month of May. Residents are being asked not to mow their lawns, or to at least leave a portion unmowed. via IFTTT