I read What if we re-thought fashion? https://ift.tt/3w0Y0Lk The fashion industry is one of the most planet harming, carbon intensive, polluting of human activities. Clothes are often made in sweat shops, only to end up in landfill after one or two wears. We throw away tons of clothing. via IFTTT

I read Canada officially tosses plastic in the ‘toxic’ bin https://ift.tt/2QiWO6W Plastic is now considered toxic under Canada’s primary environmental law — the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) — the Trudeau government announced Wednesday. via IFTTT

I read Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault Signals Canadian Government Abandoning Support for Net Neutrality https://ift.tt/3tIRxDo The Canadian government’s support for net neutrality has long stood as a core principle of its approach to the Internet. In 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would defend net neutrality and expressed concern about the attacks on net […]

I read Putting the Hedge Back in Hedge Druidry https://ift.tt/32fItZT What do you think of when you hear the words, “Hedge Druid?” Someone who works with the green and growing things, of working with nature, with the seasons and the tides? Yes, Hedge Druidry is that—working to find our place within nature, to find where […]

I read Oral Transmission https://ift.tt/3eJFW2F How I became a human plague – and stumbled into one of the most astonishing scientific stories I’ve ever encountered. Rejoice! A mystery has been solved. We now have an explanation for long Covid, a condition afflicting many thousands of people. A super-spreader has been identified. via IFTTT

I read In the Silken Air https://ift.tt/3f8xFEk At this time of year, I like to spend as much time without clothing as possible. The soft Spring air is delightful, caressing my body, and it just feels liberating and alive to be naked. Now, this isn’t for everyone, and I’m not saying it should be. via […]

I read Druidry, integration, disintegration https://ift.tt/3tOlwtG This is a process I’ve been through a few times now. When I’m engaging with Druidry in a deliberate way, what that means is that I’ll be trying to embed something into my life. Inevitably there was a lot of this early on in following the path. via IFTTT

I read Regulating What Canadians See Online: Why Bill C-10 Would Establish CRTC-Approved TikTok, Youtube and Instagram Feeds https://ift.tt/3heSDUu The uproar over Bill C-10 has rightly focused on the government’s decision to remove safeguards for user generated content from the bill. via IFTTT

I read 194 :: Spring Is Sproinging https://ift.tt/2Rl3Qbe Another week another week notes. I can’t belive were now one third of the way though 2021. Time is running really weird. My plans for this year post still feels like I wrote it yesterday. We just got back from a long sunday walk in the woods, […]

I read What if we re-thought the Police? https://ift.tt/3bnISzL In the UK and America alike, we’re seeing a lot of reasons to re-think policing. What could we do that would change how policing works? The big one for me is to re-prioritise around crime. via IFTTT