I read The Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick does not represent us https://ift.tt/3aXF6Mr With the upcoming review of the Official Languages Act, the self-styled Anglophone Rights Association of New Brunswick (ARANB) is once again beating the same old anti-francophone drum. As anglophones, we categorically state that the ARANB does not represent us. via IFTTT

I read Should we be striving for inclusive and sustainable economic growth? https://ift.tt/3r37fYW Of the (limited) negative comments I get to my writing on this blog, probably the top theme is a condemnation of my obsession with economic growth. via IFTTT

I read The way ‘good’ people explain away bad behaviour is called ‘moral licensing’ — here’s what it means https://ift.tt/3jHnRTN Most of us like to think our moral compass is more or less intact. If we do something wrong, we feel guilty, and say we won’t do it again. However, we also tend to get […]

I read Domestic Cozy: 13 https://ift.tt/2KM0tHw Kyle Chayka, author of The Longing for Less, a 2020 book on the rise of minimalism, has an interesting feature in yesterday’s NYT Magazine, How Nothingness Became Everything We Ever Wanted, exploring the thesis that a “self-obliterating” tendency of retreat was already at work before Covid, an via IFTTT

I read Want more Canadians driving electric vehicles? Look to Norway   https://ift.tt/3p8PRRj Recent major investments by Stellantis (formally FCA), Ford and GM to build electric vehicles (EVs) in Canada is undoubtedly great news for the auto industry, the economy and Canadians. via IFTTT

I read Sure, Canada’s vaccination plan could have been better. But hindsight is always 20/20 https://ift.tt/3b18Mbu A little angst over the slow rollout of vaccines in Canada is understandable. Vaccination seems like the way out of this interminable pandemic, so of course we’re anxious to roll up our sleeves for some protection. But we need […]

I read A False Sense of Purchasing Power https://ift.tt/3qepSZO I received my first significant raise when I was 31 years old. It was roughly a 40% raise. We immediately bought a house that cost twice as much as the one we lived in prior. via IFTTT

I read Budget: le Parti vert refuse l’austérité https://ift.tt/2Z5wii2 Malgré le contexte de crise sanitaire et économique, le gouvernement Higgs n’entend pas renoncer à ses efforts de réduction des dépenses publiques. Du côté du Parti vert, l’approche privilégiée est celle du refus de l’austérité. via IFTTT

I read Some Greens worry internal conflict will hobble new leader Annamie Paul in the next election https://ift.tt/3cTDw0T Even as it gears up for a potential spring election, the Green Party of Canada is being forced to deal with a controversial internal personnel decision that some party members say could be a distraction that could […]