I read After the Capitol riots, Ottawa draws lessons about social media regulation https://ift.tt/3p92iNw Donald Trump and thousands of accounts supporting him were given the boot by social media companies in the wake of the Capitol riots this month, but Ottawa says that even as internet giants crack down on bad actors, government intervention is […]

I read The best Dungeons & Dragons campaign for beginners, plus 3 different ways to run it https://ift.tt/2YfsUka Tabletop role-playing games are having an incredible renaissance, with more people flocking to the hobby than ever before. And no single game system is riding any higher than Dungeons & Dragons, now in its 5th edition. via […]

I read Why Paganism Hasn’t Failed…Yet. https://ift.tt/36sa1z5 John Halstead has written an article around a table lifted from the anthology Deep Green Resistance. It’s a great piece: go ahead and read it. I’d say that’s about 2/3 of a perfect assessment of modern Paganism and the current Pagan community…at least in the US, where I […]

I read Why Paganism Failed (in one chart) https://ift.tt/2MCKwUP I came across this chart, which comes from the book Deep Green Resistance, along with the explanation below. It captures perfectly my issues with popular Paganism, by which I mean 99% of what you find on the bookstore shelf and 95% of what you see at […]

I read No, a ‘universal basic income’ won’t lift Canadians out of poverty. Here’s why https://ift.tt/2Ypoh7j Here’s a statement that may sound callous but is meant to be compassionate: the dream of a universal basic income needs to be put to rest. via IFTTT

I read New Canada Post stamp honours Black settlers to Willow Grove, N.B. https://ift.tt/3iybTLo As Black History Month approaches, Canada Post has unveiled a set of stamps honouring early Black settlers to two communities, one of which is in New Brunswick. The communities are Amber Valley, Alta., and Willow Grove, N.B., where Black refugees settled […]

I read Fredericton PAC approves housing project at City Motel https://ift.tt/3clqicY The City’s Planning Advisory Committee approved the project, put forward by the John Howard Society, at Wednesday night’s meeting. The plan will see the hotel suites on the third floor of the building converted into 20 affordable, or Housing First, units. via IFTTT

I read OPINION | Hey Alberta, how is it going so far? https://ift.tt/3nZINpu Now that U.S. President Joe Biden has followed through on his promise to cancel the Keystone XL permit, I have to ask you all a simple question: How is this working?  I’m not trying to be mean about it. I understand why […]

I read Brightening https://ift.tt/36mbfMe It interests me that the new dawn in American politics comes at the same time that it has become evident (in the Northern Hemisphere) that the days are lengthening. We are no longer in the darkest of winter; the February Sabbath approaches, and the Sun, though young, is definitely returning. via […]

I read New Brunswick’s “alt-right” history is anything but new https://ift.tt/39sLM5W A recent CBC news article noted that there has been a rise in “alt-right” activity in New Brunswick in recent years. While the surge in groups identifying as alt-right is concerning, their presence is not indicative of anything new. via IFTTT