I read Concerning Yule https://ift.tt/2A4W4XF Yule and Christmas have very different flavours. Yet it’s widely imagined that Christmas is derived from Yule, or that modern Christmas customs originated as Yule customs. That idea is often motivated by anti-Christian sentiment. via IFTTT

I read Living with history https://ift.tt/2Kq1m86 What happens to a site when we decide it has to be preserved for posterity? Often, it stops being a living location in actual use, and becomes a museum piece. This has several consequences. via IFTTT

I read Yule: the Big Picture https://ift.tt/3nl3RqY Yule is of course a joyous time for celebrating love and family and the return of the Sacred Sun. But it also marks the end of the cycle of the year and the beginning of a new, and it is this I’d like to address today. via IFTTT

I read Sipekne’katik First Nation refuses to negotiate away treaties, calls off talks with Canada   https://ift.tt/3oUPASm After three months of negotiations, Sipekne’katik First Nation has called off moderate livelihood fishery negotiations with the federal government. Chief Mike Sack says treaty rights are non-negotiable, and the federal government has not been negotiating in good faith. […]

I read ‘We’re not tolerating this’: Kanesatake pushes back against any development on unceded land https://ift.tt/381DzU1 He wasn’t invited, but the Mayor of Oka showed up to a peaceful protest held by Kanesatake residents on Thursday  to mark the International Day of Human Rights. “I’m here today to establish facts – to establish peace. Because […]

I read Crackdown on Indigenous land protests in 2020 infringes on liberties and activism: experts https://ift.tt/3nbh59D Months after a group of Haudenosaunee people set up camp on a construction site near Caledonia, Ont., an provincial court granted Haldimand County an order permanently forbidding people from “interfering” with any public road. via IFTTT

I read All 85 Potential Injuries In ‘Home Alone,’ Assessed By A Real Doctor https://ift.tt/3gHrQhz Every year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, families around the country gather in front of the glowing warmth of their LCD screens, watching TBS with glee as a plucky eight-year-old mercilessly tortures two grown men with a reckless abandon that would […]

I read Cinq ans après l’Accord de Paris, Greta Thunberg critique les «promesses vides» https://ift.tt/2LBKM61 Pour le cinquième anniversaire de l’Accord de Paris sur le climat, la militante suédoise Greta Thunberg a critiqué vendredi les « objectifs hypothétiques et lointains » et les « promesses vides », appelant à nouveau à l’action immédiate à l’occasion […]