I read Chrystia Freeland rolls out $25.1B health and economic package to fight COVID-19 https://ift.tt/3qfwE1V OTTAWA – The Trudeau government will spend another $25.1 billion to boost immediate health and economic measures to get Canada through the pandemic, and plans an additional three-year stimulus package of up to $100 billion to juice an economic recovery […]

I read Ottawa promises up to $100 billion to build a ‘greener’ and ‘more inclusive’ economy after COVID-19 https://ift.tt/2JsiE4a OTTAWA—Promising to build a “greener” and “more inclusive” economy after the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has outlined a stimulus plan that will cost up to $100 billion and include measures to fight […]

I read Ottawa to impose ‘fair share’ of tax on digital giants including Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb https://ift.tt/36qdbE1 That Netflix tax is coming after all. The federal government is taking aim at digital giants including Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb, insisting they pay HST or GST on sales to Canadian consumers. via IFTTT

I read Part of historic former cotton mill in Marysville to be demolished https://ift.tt/3qaWOTr A piece of Marysville history will disappear when part of the old cotton mill is demolished in the coming weeks.  The old mill, which is currently a government building known as Marysville Place, is the heart of the neighbourhood’s rich heritage. via […]

I read N.B. tech industry becomes more relevant because of COVID-19 https://ift.tt/2VhziWC Three New Brunswick tech CEO’s say the industry has been thriving since the onset of COVID-19, as ways to simplify working from home or alone on the field are needed now more than ever. via IFTTT

I read Le spectre d’un génocide culturel plane sur le Caucase https://ift.tt/3l2MtFr À l’issue de 44 jours de guerre sanglante dans le Haut-Karabakh (Artsakh, en arménien), les Russes ont été les instigateurs d’un accord obligeant les Arméniens à céder d’importantes étendues territoriales à l’Azerbaïdjan. via IFTTT

I read MLAs call out belittling, patronizing language used by legislature colleagues https://ift.tt/3783Gsh Two Green MLAs have called out some of their legislature colleagues for examples of what they call belittling, demeaning and patronizing language during last week’s sitting. via IFTTT

I read Crown response to egg-tossing incident called a ‘missed opportunity’ to denounce racism https://ift.tt/2Huah7n People of colour are reacting with anger and disappointment to a decision to drop a charge against a man who disrupted a Black Lives Matter march if he completes an alternative measures program.  The decision was revealed last  week when Scott Beattie, […]

I read How ‘Relationship Anarchy’ Can Help You Deepen Your Friendships https://ift.tt/3jV6FbH We unpack the term “relationship anarchy” and explore how you might apply these philosophical principles to your friendships. via IFTTT

I read Canada Defines Love—Exclusively https://ift.tt/2KrsG5Q Early this month, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship announced that unmarried romantic partners of Canadians would be allowed to cross the border and, after quarantining, finally see their loved ones. For many, this is desperately welcome news. via IFTTT