I read Canada needs a plan to rebuild itself. Let the transformation begin. https://ift.tt/31dfacq Canada is facing a crisis comparable to the Great Depression. Is a total economic rethink our only hope? On March 4, 1933, Franklin Roosevelt placed his hand on a bible opened to a passage extolling the virtue of charity and was […]

I read If you’re going to talk about the Dark Ages, you had better be right. https://ift.tt/38jcICQ Because I am absolutely responsible for all of my own problems, my lovely readers often send me bad medieval takes in order to watch me get mad. This is effective. Today, one of my fantastic Patreon patrons did […]

I read Southern Comfort https://ift.tt/2URfbyL When Abraham Lincoln delivered his second inaugural address on March 4, 1865, at the end of four years of civil war, few people in either the North or the South would have dissented from his statement that slavery “was, somehow, the cause of the war. via IFTTT

I read linkage thinkage https://ift.tt/2G6eXzw Typical really – you declare your intention to revive the long-lapsed custom of inter-blog conviviality. Only to (almost) immediately lapse back again into unlinking entropy. Here goes with another effort. Starting with an interesting piece on the pop hologram phenom by Owen Myers at The Guardian. via IFTTT

I read Bring Out Your Blogs https://ift.tt/2X9NzU3 Social media can be a good place if you tweet the Twitter you want it to be and work to ignore the rest. However, if there is something you really dig, I strongly encourage you to start a blog. via IFTTT

I read Altercation sur la colline du Parlement : la sécurité sera rehaussée https://ift.tt/3j7AAOm Le Service de protection parlementaire va renforcer sa présence et sa visibilité sur la colline du Parlement, à Ottawa, après qu’un individu a pourchassé le chef du Nouveau Parti démocratique (NPD), Jagmeet Singh, ainsi qu’un journaliste. via IFTTT

I read Manifestation à Halifax en appui aux pêcheurs autochtones https://ift.tt/340nlIZ Un rassemblement pour appuyer les pêcheurs autochtones et leurs droits issus de traités se déroule à Halifax, en Nouvelle-Écosse, samedi. via IFTTT

I read Liberals reach deal with NDP https://ift.tt/3i0dOGQ The minority Liberal government has reached a deal with the New Democrats over legislation to support workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, securing the backing needed to survive a confidence vote on the throne speech. via IFTTT

I read No legal authority to disrupt protest at N.B. legislature, says law professor https://ift.tt/2HDwH65 A group protesting the imminent closure of Clinic 554 says the removal of their tents from the grounds of the New Brunswick legislature in Fredericton Friday night was done without legal authority. via IFTTT

I read Making the Case for Blogging https://ift.tt/2G4EQjc I’ve had a few friends ask about blogging this week. They have the same questions: is blogging worthwhile in an age of social media? What if no one reads? Which platform is the best? Isn’t WordPress complicated? Well, I have opinions and answers and a desire to […]