I read Fredericton city councillors question poet laureate’s role after abortion poem read https://ift.tt/2G7HqFa The role of Fredericton’s poet laureate is being questioned after Jenna Lyn Albert read a poem about abortion access at Monday night’s council meeting, which some councillors said was too political.  The issue will go to the governance committee for further […]

I read Avortement: Blaine Higgs lance la balle dans le camp des régies  https://ift.tt/30iZUto Blaine Higgs réitère son opposition au financement des avortements chirurgicaux pratiqués en clinique. Lundi, il a aussi dit que c’est aux régies de la santé de voir s’il faut offrir ce soin de santé dans un plus grand nombre d’hôpitaux. via […]

I read They promised us driverless cars: Don Pittis https://ift.tt/3ij1Xnz The name of the Scottish indie band We Were Promised Jetpacks alludes to disappointment that the future isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Well, you can now buy a functioning jet pack if you have a spare $600,000. via IFTTT

I read On the concept of the Renaissance and Outkast’s Hey Ya https://ift.tt/2JCTZqf Being a medieval historian means quite a few things. Among other things, it means you get irrationally irked by the popular usage of medieval as a pejorative, make literally no money at all ever (Haha – I’m not joking, tho. HELP. via […]

I read Pêche: les Micmacs ont plus d’influence qu’il y a 20 ans avec leur député https://ift.tt/339In8A Lorsque Jaime Battiste était au début de la vingtaine, les chaînes d’information étaient remplies d’images de pêcheurs micmacs du Nouveau-Brunswick qui se battaient contre des agents fédéraux des pêches pour des casiers à homard saisis. via IFTTT

I read Au MPO de préciser les règles du jeu https://ift.tt/3mYDU0E Je partage l’analyse de Mme Enguehard sur la liberté d’usage du drapeau acadien et aussi sur certaines ambiguïtés dans la triste bataille actuelle de nos pêcheurs acadiens avec nos alliés historiques, dans la Baie Sainte-Marie. via IFTTT

I read How technology literally changes our brains https://ift.tt/2BYB8pe Nicholas Carr on deep reading and digital thinking. In 1964, the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan published his opus Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. In it he writes, “In the long run, a medium’s content matters less than the medium itself in influencing how we think […]

I read Atlantic Loop energy project seen as an economic shot in the arm for the region https://ift.tt/3686WF5 The Atlantic Loop was mentioned just once in the speech from the throne this week — but if the project goes ahead, it could transform the energy market of eastern Canada, bringing billions of dollars and thousands of new jobs to the […]

I read Fascism and Chivalry in the Confederate Monuments of Richmond https://ift.tt/3cz72Xo This article is part 44 of The Public Medievalist’s series on Race, Racism and the Middle Ages, by Larissa Tracy. Find the rest of the series here. via IFTTT