I read N.B. refusal to share carbon taxes collected at First Nation truck stops triggers court fight https://ift.tt/2SbZAIn A group of New Brunswick First Nations has filed a lawsuit against the province accusing it of grabbing up to $4.85 million in gas tax revenue from community budgets this year by using carbon pricing to skirt existing […]

I read Funding abortions in private clinics would be a ‘slippery slope’, says Higgs https://ift.tt/33dWBp2 While seizing the tents was a “distraction,” Froc said the move is “connected” to the larger issue. Horizon Health has already joined reproductive right activists in calling for funding private-clinic abortions. The authority passed a resolution to that effect earlier […]

I read ‘Legacies of misinformation’ make it hard to have conversation about lobster fishery: Prof https://ift.tt/2SelTNM The Mi’kmaw moderate livelihood lobster fishery at the heart of a contentious fishing rights dispute in southwest Nova Scotia poses no threat to conservation of the crustacean in the area, according to an expert at Dalhousie University in Halifax. […]

I read Contre les femmes https://ift.tt/3cHQoFb Pas facile de militer pour le droit à l’avortement au Nouveau-Brunswick. Plus de 30 ans après la légalisation, des femmes doivent encore se battre pour obtenir un meilleur accès. Et faire face à des policiers envoyés leur mettre des bâtons dans les roues. via IFTTT

I read Several high-profile ministers dropped as Blaine Higgs unveils new cabinet https://ift.tt/36iVhmR Premier Blaine Higgs has jettisoned six members of his previous cabinet and has appointed six women as ministers in a sweeping post-election shuffle. via IFTTT

I read Investigations launched after Indigenous woman records Quebec hospital staff uttering slurs before her death https://ift.tt/33gsvBe As she lay dying in a Joliette, Que., hospital bed, an Atikamekw woman clicked her phone on and broadcast a Facebook Live video appearing to show her being insulted and sworn at by hospital staff. via IFTTT

I read World leaders pledge to halt earth’s destruction ahead of UN summit https://ift.tt/3kZSDGN World leaders have pledged to clamp down on pollution, embrace sustainable economic systems and eliminate the dumping of plastic waste in oceans by the middle of the century as part of “meaningful action” to halt the destruction of nature on Earth. […]

I read ‘I’ve become cynical about DFO’ says Homalco chief over federal fish farm decision https://ift.tt/3cHz42W For years Homalco First Nation Chief Darren Blaney has been opposed to fish farming in the Discovery Islands, on the east coast of Vancouver Island, where his community is based. “As far as I could see the Sockeye populations […]

I read Something Wicked This Way Comes https://ift.tt/3igWFIS Are Trump and Johnson paving the way for fascism, or for something different, but just as bad? The anger that should be directed at billionaires is instead directed by them. via IFTTT

I read The Forest Spirits of Today Are Computers https://ift.tt/38xRaSU Years before smart homes became a thing, I replaced all the switches in our house with computerized switches. At first, it was just a way to add wall switches without pulling new wire. Over time, I got more ambitious. via IFTTT