I read Now is the time to build a better internet, the coronavirus pandemic has shown we have a long way to go https://ift.tt/2Ouo3GQ A crisis upends the world as we know it, and change happens so fast it can feel disorienting. Whether the course of change is positive or negative depends on how quickly […]

I read L’opposition aux petits réacteurs nucléaires s’organise au N.-B. https://ift.tt/3eGgMP9 Le choix du nucléaire mérite un débat public, estime un groupe de citoyens préoccupés par le pari risqué du Nouveau-Brunswick de soutenir le développement des petits réacteurs modulaires. via IFTTT

I read Le sénateur Percy Mockler vante les mérites d’un revenu de base garanti https://ift.tt/394nz3W Le sénateur néo-brunswickois Percy Mockler estime que le temps est venu d’étudier sérieusement l’instauration d’un revenu de base garanti au Canada. Dans un rapport publié mardi, le Comité sénatorial permanent des finances nationales – présidé par M. via IFTTT

I read Indigenous nurse calls for inquiry, talks racism in health care https://ift.tt/3j6bgbR An Indigenous nurse is calling on the province to hold an inquiry into systemic racism in New Brunswick. Cheyenne Joseph joins a growing chorus of Indigenous people living in New Brunswick calling for an inquiry after the deaths of Chantel Moore and Rodney […]

I read On Running an Office Like a Factory https://ift.tt/2zWMBEQ I was recently browsing the archives of the MIT Sloan Management Review (as one does), when I came across a fascinating article from the Fall 2018 issue titled “Breaking Logjams in Knowledge Work. via IFTTT

I read Wasteful, damaging and outmoded: is it time to stop building skyscrapers? https://ift.tt/304fE2k If no one ever built a skyscraper ever again, anywhere, who would truly miss them? I ask, because the engineer Tim Snelson, of the design consultancy Arup, has just blown a hole in any claim they might have had to be […]

I read How we can turn the momentum of Black Lives Matter into real change https://ift.tt/305s4qM I am a young Canadian Black man and I feel fortunate and privileged to have grown up in this country. I was born in Ghana and my family immigrated to Canada when I was young in pursuit of a better […]

I read Fredericton does not deserve a Trans BIPOC crosswalk on its main street https://ift.tt/32gGzuu On my way to work last Friday, I saw for the first time that the City of Fredericton has added the trans, black, Indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC) flag colour schemes to the preexisting crosswalk on Queen Street painted […]

I read Bill that would add Indigenous languages teaching to all schools wins all-party support https://ift.tt/3gZubDw A bill that would require New Brunswick schools to teach Indigenous languages to all students has won unanimous support from a committee of MLAs. Members from all four parties voted on Tuesday afternoon in favour of the bill, which […]

I read Paganism and Transgression: Some Questions https://ift.tt/3j0Gnpi From Gardner’s nudism and enthusiasm for sadomasochism, which he folded into the foundation of Wicca… …to taking and embracing the label “witch” (and, to a lesser degree, “pagan”)… …to taking unusual names and adopting radical environmental and social politics… …to everything a via IFTTT