I read Road to Perdition https://ift.tt/3jptsxa How did wildlife groups start collaborating in the destruction of nature? Out of this horror comes hope. In the backwash of the pandemic’s first wave, we see the shingled ruins of the old economy, and the chance to construct a new one. via IFTTT

I read Mike Pondsmith: Cops and Racists https://ift.tt/2YIXrqH So. Here we are. First, I’ll answer the question you think you want to ask me but really don’t want to ask me. Yeah, I’ve been pulled over by cops more times than I care to remember. via IFTTT

I read Understanding The ‘Splinternet’ https://ift.tt/2AUfKkz In recent years, technologists have coined the phrase “splinternet” to describe the internet’s supposed evolution from a unified, borderless realm into a fragmented set of parallel internets, divided by national borders. via IFTTT

I read 154 :: For The Moment https://ift.tt/3eHNWOb Well. I did end up writing the thing I talked about last week. But as you can see if you are following along at home – I didn’t post it. I guess I’m uncomfortable with the idea of having something so personal on the internet in text. […]

I read William Gibson Has a Theory About Our Cultural Obsession With Dystopias https://ift.tt/2PfRE8U All week long, Vulture is exploring how dystopias have been imagined in popular culture. Few authors have crafted more vividly realized future worlds than William Gibson. via IFTTT

I read Why hundreds of Quebecers are turning to social media to make sexual misconduct accusations https://ift.tt/3jaBqKM When Sabrina Comeau took to Instagram on July 2 to publicly accuse someone of sexual assault — fighting tears as she told her story in a live video — her intention was to warn others, to prevent it from […]

I read Planting urban food gardens in New Brunswick https://ift.tt/3fHAyLh With crowded neighbours, limited space and bustling roads, urban dwellers may feel discouraged from growing food on their property. For those with greenspace surrounding their homes in the city, the status quo is to maintain a nice green lawn, maybe with some perennials or annual flowers. […]

I read Thinking about permanent conservation: Provincial context matters a lot https://ift.tt/2ZDPJj4 There is a lot of talk now about carving off more of the province for permanent conservation.  In these areas, nothing can be done – not even tapping maple trees for sap.  Ottawa has pledged to conserve 20% of the country’s land mass by […]