I’m not about to start identifying as a wizard, despite the URL. But I’ve been reading about secular/naturalistic/non-theistic forms of paganism or witchcraft, and I intend to develop some practices along those lines.

There’s a few things that I’m drawn to here. I don’t believe in deities, magic, souls, etc, but I do see benefits in being more in tune with nature, paying closer attention to the seasons, and just spending more time outdoors. I expect there are psychological benefits to the ritual and routine, a lot of opportunity to use these practices for introspection, and reminders for myself to live my values.

A lot of my thoughts are still vague here. I’ve read a few articles, and I’m starting a couple of books and listening to podcasts, etc. I need to start making notes, deciding what sort of practices I want to develop, and start developing them.

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